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HAPPINESS IS.waking up early and then going back to sleep, to enjoy the second sleep - the deepest kind.

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Happiness is an overflowing bookcase. I love looking at all my books on my bookcases.

Aww wow ^_^ that's been my dream since about 2008 LOL. Still is my dream too!! Holding your hand and lying on the ground looking up at the night sky being so happy and drinking chocolate milk too =) and I absolutely want to have my dream with you RyRy. =) Bear loves you!!!

Happiness is when you can look up at the sky and watch moon and stars with the one you love.

What makes YOU happy? Let us know at www.lastlemon.com and we'll illustrate it.

Happiness is, wiggling into freshly laundered sheets at bed time. - Me Happy Me

Happiness is

Home sweet home cleaning up while the house watching my fav show while I wait for babe to get home so we can have pan de yucca and wine ❤️


I love a blank canvas. the first page of a new notebook. a fresh piece of fabric to embroider.

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