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Rivington and Delancy Streets, 1893

German New York, Lower East Side, Manhattan, Kleindeutschland</head>

An American Gilded Age view of: shoppers  purchasing goods from pushcart vendors on Hester Street, late 19th-century. Located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, c.1898. ~ {cwlyons}

Norfolk and Hester Street around 1898 - Hester Street (Manhattan) encyclopedia

New York city borough plates...

New York City Neighborhoods typography graphic Canvas Art horizontal graphic mixed media collage. I love NY!

Upclose view of 109th Street & Broadway - Upper West Side - New York, NY 1910

Upclose view of Street & Broadway - Upper West Side - New York, NY 1910 Images and Photography at Old NYC Photos

Five points area of NYC, made infamous in the film, 'Gangs Of New York'. This area was notorios in the 1800's as the home of the murderous gangs 'The Plug Uglies', and 'The Dead Rabbits', etc...yes, those gangs are not fiction. (But, as a history lover, I can tell you that film was highly fictionalized). It was, in most of the dramatics, fiction. Way embellished. The book, the film was made from, is a more accurate accounting.

The Five Points NYC - Mulberry St (?) around the early The Chinese, through sweat and sacrifice, changed this slum into one of the most desirable places to live in Manhattan.