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H U N G E R G A M E S what does that spell:Hunger Games,Catching fire, and Mocking Jay part 1&2 This all happen cause "I volunteer as tribute !!!!!!!"

The Hunger Games are one of my favorite book series. In my opinion, the movie was pretty good. Yes, they left some stuff out, but they also included a lot of important things.

I recently heard about a great game idea. While The Hunger Games is a wildly popular book and movie. I think the game will be a big hit as well. The second installment, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, is coming to theaters this November, so this would be a great game to promote as the previews start to air. Special thanks to …

With the movie being released the Hunger Games book series by Suzanne Collins is getting even more attention.

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Funny Birthday Ecard: Congratulations on not being remotely young enough to be picked for the Hunger Games

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Dress like The Hunger Games Cast