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He looks so cute and awkward. Aww.

Oh Calum :) I just got an overwhelming longing to be able to hug him.my feels are out of control

I don't know what to say, I don't know what to SAAAYYYY. Here I am, the one that you love, asking for another daaaay!

I don't even know how attractive people happen. Or how they are so attractive, But Calum Hood is adorable and attractive at the same time.

Yeah my MAINE man  https://www.fanprint.com/stores/sunny-in-philadel?ref=5750

Calum Hood<You can't just write "Calum Hood" he is much more than that ❤️ this cause the picture and that response!

Calum Hood 5 Seconds of Summer 5SOS

your almost 18 happy birthday Calum (saw this post he will be 21 soon) 3 years :(

(FC: Calum Hood) "Hey there! My names Calum and I'm 20. I'm pretty laid back, but I can also be really weird and spontaneous when I know someone well enough. I enjoy playing the bass guitar, writing, playing video games, and playing soccer. Anyways, what's your name?"

(FC: Calum Hood) "Hey there! My names Calum and I'm I have a little sister named Taylor, hurt her and I'll hurt you! I play bass in a band called 5 seconds of summer.

Cal, why do you have to be so damn adorable?!?!

Do you guys see what we have done to our poor Calum? Someone leaked pictures of…

Calum- Panic kicked in and I ended up saying the first thing that popped in my head and it was "I know Michael Clifford..."

Calum's best pick up line: "I know Michael Clifford" YAAAAAS---- Can I hear that pick up line. And then there is Mikey "let's play titanic you be iceberg and I'll go down"