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3D-композиция, вырезанная из страниц в книге.

Seattle-based artist Isobelle Ouzman creates illustrations from discarded books found in dumpsters, recycling bins, and local thrift stores.

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Jennifer Khoshbin , There 's a kitten in here Jennifer Khoshbin , Make that you see Ogni libro una storia, ogni storia è fatta di parole e r.

Illustrator Isobelle Ouzman upcycles would-be discarded books into sculptural works of art. She cuts back the pages and draws nature scenes that together, create an alluring new narrative. The primarily black-and-white images have spots of color added to them, and they hearken the viewer into

Isobelle Ouzman Turns Discarded Books Into Sculptural Works Of Art

Famous Novels Turned into Book Art  Japanese artist Tomoko Takeda transforms books and literature into real pieces of art, in his series “Story Fragments”. He digs, carves and layered inside the pages of literature classics : Lewis Carroll, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry or also Jules Verne. Each sculpture echoes the story or the themes told in the books, on the principle that we “make books not to read, but to enjoy looking at”.

Famous Novels Turned into Book Art

Tokyo-based artist and designer Tomoko Takeda turns literary. artofshareartpassion: “ Tokyo-based artist and designer Tomoko Takeda turns literary masterpieces into stunning works of visual art in.

Isobelle Ouzman breathes new life into discarded books. She transforms the forgotten publications into intricate, sculptural illustrations.

Isobelle Ouzman Transforms Discarded Books into Sculptures

culturenlifestyle: “ Stunning Illustrations Are Carved Into Obsolete Books by Isobelle Ouzman Illustrator Isobelle Ouzman creates stunning book sculptures with the use of an X-Acto knife, micro.

Amazing Altered Books by Isobelle Ouzman

Every book that I alter was found by a dumpster in Seattle, a recycling bin, a thrift store, or was given to me by someone who no longer wants it. Rather than have these discarded books sit out in .

Sprawling Paper Nervous techniques Cut into Repurposed Books by Barbara Wildenboer - Cretíque

Sprawling Paper Nervous techniques Cut into Repurposed Books by Barbara Wildenboer

Papercut sculpture made from a book, by Cape Town-based artist Barbara Wildenboer, via Colossal

盒子里的小故事。(From Jim Doran )

shadow box tins: I love the whole idea. I have plans to make a felted cat sitting in a sardine tin with a big smirk. I want a vintage tin with the key roll-up top.

Des livres anciens transformés en véritables scènes de contes de fées

Des livres anciens transformés en véritables scènes de contes de fées

Old Books Transformed into Imaginative 3D Illustrations of Fairy Tale Scenes  http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2015/03/old-books-transformed-into-imaginative-3d-illustrations-of-fairy-tale-scenes/

Artist Isobelle Ouzman transforms discarded books she finds around Seattle, Washington into imaginative works of art in her Altered Books series. Opening each of the books Ouzman altered reveals a .

Been watchin The X Files lately. Soooo had to make this. Done with pentel pocket brush pen, micron pen, touch twin markers, white gelly roll pen and white colored pencil.

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This is a print of my drawing - Purple Tree. The original illustration is a mixed media illustration . Pencil,gel pen, ink and marker drawing on a