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Fun new comic strip asks why gay men REALLY go to hell… · PinkNews - God's little smirk made this xD

What even just happened?--- you know how people say "gay people go to hell"? This is a comic about God sending gay people to hell because the devil is gay and God is trying to set him up on a date

Me a couple years ago: "I'm not gay… BUT that girl is hot asf…"  Me now: "Girls are hot, guys are hot, bisexuality rocks"

Me a couple years ago: "I'm not gay… BUT that girl is hot asf…" Me now: "Girls are hot, guys are hot, bisexuality rocks"<<< I'm Bi/Ace but this is still pretty fricken on point

I'm not the only one who feels this way after all thank God.

whats worse is falling in love with straight girls and u try to date them and they turn u down and discriminating u because ur lesbian

Lol yeah I mean he is basicly Satan just in an adorable form that lures you in so he can murder you with his music

Omg it's Brendon Urie.

aLSO!!! if you are asexual its okay to have romantic crushes, and date someone, kiss them, cuddle, give hugs!!! it's different for everyone though! and also its okay to be ace and be sexually attracted to one (maybe more) genders and not sexually attracted to the other genders! just want to clear this up

I like the terms heteroflexible and homoflexible. Some people are only occasionally interested in a certain gender and bisexual or pansexual can feel like the wrong identifier for these peeps.

This week’s pride dragon is for bisexual pride!The pride dragons series is a work in progress: finished dragons can be found here, and the to-do list is here.This design is also available on TeePublic and Redbubble!

Some of my characters are bisexual. [bisexual pride dragon by kaenith]

Let’s talk about ~bisexual privilege~: | 13 Charts That Are Way Too Real For Bisexual Women

Let's talk about ~bisexual privilege~:

There you go. A lot of people need to realise this.

There are also many verses that contain gay couples in them. The bible fully supports homosexuality. TAKE THAT PREACHERS