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That's my story and I am sticking to it!

and not just about chocolate - but tortilla chips, cheese, bread, etc. Actually, chocolate tastes better than skinny feels.

Name fame

ecard funny kids names . Love my name . Hate that I never had a personalized cup/keychain/thing-a-ma-gig. Funniest part is I chose a common name & spelling for my girl & she can't find her name personalized on stuff either!

Sarcastic quotes

Rottenecards - I just decided today that I'm done pretending that I'm not a bitch.

That awkward moment when you send someone a dirty text and realize you sent it to the wrong person.

The awkward moment when you put something in a safe place so you don't lose it, then you forget where that safe place is. - i wouldn't call that an awkward moment.


Good morning my friend … Wait … what the fuck am I doing up this early?


Funny Nurses Week Ecard: I wonder how much doctors and hospital administrators would enjoy their jobs if Nurses quit doing theirs. And nurse managers.

Sad but true

250 Funniest Nursing Quotes And Ecards: this is an oxymoron & I occasionally think it but I really don't blame people for not taking their meds.


40 Funny Pictures to Make You Laugh So Hard You'll Cry