Vegetarian-Friendly Alternative Protein Sources | Fitbie - You don't need to eat cheese or meat to get enough protein.


People with type 2 diabetes benefit from replacing red meat with legumes (beans, peas, or lentils) in their diets, according to a study published online in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Preventing Cancer with a Plant-Based Diet : scientific community has found links between animal byproducts and cancers. reducing meat can increase overall health! go meatless mondays :)

This Easy Vegan Pizza Crust recipe is easy to make and features a rich flavor with a crispy exterior and chewy interior.

13 Surprising Sources of Complete Protein (Meat Free)

17 Sources of Protein That Contain No Meat At All (And With Less Saturated Fat)

By LINDSAY NIXON "Aren't plant proteins incomplete?" "Don't you need to add oil on vegetables to access their nutrients?" "Isn't plant-based eating really expensive?" "Won't all those carbs make me fat?" If you're considering a plant-based diet or you're new to the plant-based lifestyle, you may have questions like these. The plant-based diet is different ...

Top Myths About Plant-Based Diets

Broccoli, Green Onions, and Kale will all be in season soon. What's your favourite seasonal summer green?

Lose belly fat with this burger recipe that's only 343 calories, with 9 grams of fat — and a secret fat-burning sauce!

How to Make a Fat-Burning Beef Burger

Yes, you can eat burgers and still lose weight! Here's our recipe for an Classic Beef Burger, compliments of the new Zero Belly Cookbook!

Marinated Black-Eye Pea Salad

Black-Eye Pea Salad Today was a lovely day in the North Houston area.

pão funcional de aipim mandioca vida fit

Receita: pãozinho funcional de mandioca (pronto em 20 minutos!)

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Slideshow: 15 Delicious Calcium-Rich Dishes

Tender stuffed chicken, Spanish cheese, and almond cake top this WebMD slideshow of delicious food packed with calcium.