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OMG! Is that a dinosaur?

Model Rafael Lazzini on a motorcycle Many people have mistaken him for Adam Levine.

i know the feeling...

my brain is giving me the silent treatment today ( as it does most days ) LOL

Free, Apology Ecard: Sorry I'm late, but I didn't want to come.

How honest can I be? How fearless can I be in order to be more honest? How will being honest positively impact my life?

Dino Corn On The Cob Holders

Some Jewelry Is Very Affordable If You Know Where To Shop

Dino Corn On The Cob Holders. Actually, that is really clever, and gives me ideas about things. I have to say, I felt bad for the poor dinosaur when they put him in a vise grip to cut him in half.-p I guess one could call it plastic surgery.

NICE! good point! I'm glad someone found them! :)

They are not old fat unicorns. They are well padded, well armored unicorns.

Pinterest W-2...if only I got paid per pin. I'd be RICH $$$$$$ (and heavily taxed)

Haha FOR REAL. it's my part time job while I. Still at my full time job haha

For @Jeannie Choi Barnhart, @Jill Meyers Hottinger, @Meishel Thomassen Fortino Wilkinson!!

I love unicorns ;) Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn!

Love repins and my followers! ;-)

You are all welcome for my amazing finds. I love the re pins & comments! It's great passing on the amazing ideas I find & hearing you laugh as hard as I do on my "whore"ible board!