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An interesting look stitch therapy and how it applies to connecting, mending and repairing . . . in more than our clothes -- kind of like my journal!

nice //by Emma Parker stitch therapy: somerset memories:

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The elements of self-care. #regramlove @purushapeople #selfcare #iamwellandgood

// The secret to unlocking your maximum health potential & living your most beautiful life possible is consistent self-care! ~ Always make time to nurture & care for your special self. Not because you have to but because you WANT to - you deserve it!

My brain has been playing weird tricks on me lately.      Tonight as the usual highlight (and lowlight) reel of everything that transpired r...

X Amount of Time: Denial and the Stages of Grief

Crystals for depression and feeling down in the dumps. #crystals #crystalhealing

7 Crystals For Depression & Feeling Down

Struggling to find the perfect color for something? Try taking a look at the emotions that colors evoke in people before choosing the latest...

When designing a new logo, website, or collection of branding images, it's a good idea to consult a color psychology infographic. Different colors naturally

loui jover   This suggests disorder where the eye cries on the pages of a book that could possibly be the story of your life in which case suggests a lot of tragedies. The tears just smudge the words that put the book together making it incomplete.

polonaise (detail) by Loui Jover YAS some green eyes!

The Art of Self-Care.  Psychotherapy & Creative Art/art therapy Workshops

infographic about self-care by Emma Cameron

100 Art Therapy Exercises - The Updated and Improved List - The Art of Emotional Healing

100 Art Therapy Exercises - The Updated and Improved List - Expressive Art Inspirations