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Warner Brothers Studio Tour is magical

Warner Brothers Studio Tour is magical

Harry Potter Silhouettes

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Maggie Smith was and still is so pretty in a very sophisticated way.

Why sleep when you can meme?

HP actors in their younger years Maggie Smith and Imelda Stauton are beautiful! Voldy got an extreme makeover.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of Harry Potter. I love to see actors actually be themselves on set and joke around these are the pictures that make me smile. :) I really like the one pic of Hermione smiling on the pic 2 to the bottom, makes me smile!

The soulmate thing is the only one I have qualms with because your patronus can change. Tonks' changed when Remus and her were having trouble and I believe some others were said to change as well...

Just Some Harry Potter Facts Part 1

Just Some Harry Potter facts. The padfoot one almost killed me! How awesome would it be to have the dog that played Sirius Black! "My dog was in Harry Potter, no big deal"!

Yes! I'm a Slytherin but no one realizes that that doesn't mean I'm a bad person.

I am SO glad for this post. When I say I was sorted into slytherin, they just go, oh that's the bad house. But no, and so many things in the movies and books about slytherin that I thought were wrong are all pointed out in this post.

Forgive me if I don't put my trust in your gut Harry...

It's like the boy who cried wolf! When he's finally right about something, Ron and Hermione don't believe him!