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He loves that money!!

Let's be honest: Joel Osteen is a total fraud. He is NOT preaching the true gospel. God calls us to repent and turn away from our sins--not just open our hands and wait for the blessings to pour in.

God is Fair - http://dailyatheistquote.com/atheist-quotes/2013/03/14/god-is-fair/

If you think your God approves of spending millions on mega-churches while children starve all over the world. You Have Lost Your Fucking Mind.

god needs money - Bing Images

But there are millions of children starving everyday, in the United States, Christian children.what are teaching them about God & religion with actions like this.there shouldn't be rich pastors but rich communities lifting one another!

Cause god's building some cool shit in heaven we're going to teleport it. He needs money for some reason

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Jesus, Money. Pass this basket around and take some bread from it. Pass this basket around and put some money in it.


Richard Dawkins quotes - We are all atheists about most of the gods that societies have ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.

Go ahead, I dare you.

A liberal pinned this: "i dare you!"so I posted "God IS good all the time!

Hillary lied about Benghazi while standing in front of the victims' caskets. That's sociopathic evil.

When you look at those eyes remember, Hillary lied about Benghazi while standing in front of the victims' caskets. THIS is the REAL Hillary.

Anyone following a religion that is based upon murder, violence, rape, incest, slavery, bigotry, misogyny, etc... is complicit in the crimes being committed in the name of god. Way to go.

preaching my beliefs to everyone yes the pics here are me. I'm trying to get past my body issues. i feel ugly no matter what i do. I'm here to mock religion religion teaches hate