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"I'm a Doctor, not a Mathematician!" Joey Tribbiani from FRIENDS I love friends

Then add How I Met Your Mother, Marshall as the Funny One, Ted as the Nerdy One, and Barney as the Ladies Man

Full House and Friends comparison

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Matt LeBlanc describing his "Friends" in one word

Matt LeBlanc describing his "Friends" in one word they all look soooo old. Not Jen Jen though.

Ross's face is priceless!

Friends - Rachel tells Ross she's pregnant


"Who loses fifty coin tosses in a row? Head she wins, tails I lose. Wait a minute." "Yes, Joe?" "I forgot to pick up my dry cleaning!" -Joey and Chandler, Friends

Ross Is Gay??

"But if she wants to go out there kissing other guys she barely knows, then so will I. Very funny. Ross is gay." Ross Geller, Friends TV show quotes

<3 Joey moments

OH joey joey joey

| Here are some funny moments from the friends!

When they burned each other with equal severity, displaying the equality in their relationship. Moments When Joey And Chandler Won At Friendship


Because the very worst thing he could be is a woman, right? Who the hell wants to be a woman? Not funny Joey!

I love chandler

Funny pictures about This is why I love Chandler Bing. Oh, and cool pics about This is why I love Chandler Bing. Also, This is why I love Chandler Bing.

Mini-wave in celebration of Chandler Bing!

Chandler Bing is easily one of my fav people ever

Friends is still the ultimate TV show. | Life is Dance is Love is ...

Imagen de friends, ross, and funny

Friends - Monica & Chandler

Friends Monica and Chandler twins

ross,chandler,and joey

You dont always see a pilgrim a cowboy and an indian hanging out together! Joey Ross and Chandler can make that happen!


"I grew up with Monica. If you didn't eat fast, you didn't eat!" - Rachel and Ross