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"The Tree Guardians" photo by John Trent .....from redbubble.com

'Tree Guardians' - a beautiful black and white mono photograph of a small and endearing heard or group of sheep standing in-front of a fog shrouded tree. / photographed by John Trent

Sheep in a pasture in autumn. Nice foliage.

Sheep in a pasture in autumn. Nice foliage.

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peace-be-dreams: “mossandmud: “ gloomytreehouse: “ woolies in wyoming: hasselblad study (by manyfires) ” BAA ” Baby sheepies ”

Animal Planet on Twitter

Animal Planet on Twitter

Sheep with her lambs.awwww they have the coloring of a baby goat but they're sheep.so cuuuute

Spring lambs:

- White And Curly -. - White And Curly -: Blossoms to the spring Through meadow among small lamb Wraps the globe in light Intoxicated fragrance Garden bursting with

The Murmuring Cottage

This reminds me of my husband's farm he grew up on. There was always a lamb in the barn with dozens of sheep grazing on hay.

our leader wears shades=we follow the leader.

Just another day.

lorenzens-soil: “ Too cool for my wool, too cool for my baaahhh, too cool… ” time to count some sheep in shades…


Sheep in mist. For all the muddy, misty walks ive ever taken. And picking wisps of wool from brambles and keeping it in little wooden match boxes. And the easter holiday on the farm in dorset when i was 7 or