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Indoor Tabletop Water Garden - Picmia

Indoor Tabletop Water Garden - such tiny water plants as would work in here might also make a tiny pond in a fairy garden

DIY - Indoor Mini Water Garden - Live #Dan330

DIY - Indoor Mini Water Garden

DIY – Indoor Mini Water Garden ~ I haven't decided if this is icky or awesome. But it's kinda pretty :)

21 Terrariums (Home Decor Ideas) - moss water terrarium

If you insist upon making a terrarium, it had better have a relic from a long forgotten kingdom in it. Ancient Goddess Ruins - Fantasy Forest - Terrarium / Diorama available at Etsy

Before we moved to Moss Hill, we lived in a 105 year old house on a postage stamp sized lot in the downtown historic district known as Ol...

"Small freshwater gardens are fun to create and simple to care for. And all you need are a few floating or submerged greens in a vintage aquarium, an apothecary jar, or a sleek glass cylinder." That looks like a water lettuce I spy there.

easy feng shui ideas to create a more meditative home!!! xoxo Dana

easy feng shui ideas to create a more meditative home!!! xoxo Dana


Oplątwa – roślina rosnąca bez ziemi!

Items similar to Jellyfish Air Plant // Sea Urchin Wedding Favor Decor Gift Mini Kit DIY tiny cute exotic house plant shell hanging art on Etsy

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I remember when this was the new rage. It is a great idea & I want to get another fish bowl going soon. Trudy (water lettuce, peace lily, spider plants & plain philodendron ivies make good water gardens)

Terrariums What is a terrarium? The best definition for a terrarium is a mini indoor garden kept in a glass container. Terrarium’s are perfect for those who have little time for gardening or just...

This time Ive used an old coffee plunger to create some de(er)caffeinated coffee- mind the pun.Using an unusual or common household item as opposed to a jar can instantly make a terrarium more interesting. Terrarium and photography by Zik


weekend project: hanging plant holder diy - so simple and so necessary. im always looking for nice and inexpensive hanging plant holders but can never find any.via skinny laminx

Beetlejuice Terrarium ♥ // SOMEONE. PLEASE. MAKE. THIS. FOR. ME. I. NEEDS. IT.

Beetlejuice Terrarium