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Super orihinales y único, además son perfectos para la defensa personal de cualquier mujer mientras sogue siendo tan bella y femenina como siempre!!!

Debra Baxter - "Crystal Brass Knuckles (I am going to realign your chakras mother******!

Egyptian leather steampunk full face mask with detachable goggles

☆ Egyptian Leather Steampunk Full Face Mask with Detachable Goggles :→ By AirshipIsabella ☆

Clockwork steampunk fairy - Funny and interesting little steampunk fairy sitting on the tip of a finger.

The intricate design of this piece! ~~Steampunk Fairy by artist Susan Beatrice (FB page is "All Natural Arts"). I suppose I could also post it with my fairies… :D

STEAMPUNK MASK leather mask hand made Halloween by SteampunkMasks

Buy Now STEAMPUNK MASK leather Halloween apocalypse gear LARP cosplay cybergoth cyberpunk dieselpunk costume by SteampunkMasks USDSteampunk MaskEnti

This bird skull mask is hand formed out of stiff, light weight leather and is painted as weathered and bone white by hand.

steampunk harness

Hip Bags to Compliment your style

I kinda dig this "steampunk" leg holster thing :P I wonder if I could make something like this in faux leather. No idea what I would realistically use it for, however.

Steampunk bee.

"Steampunk Necklace Bee Jewelry Vintage Watch Movement Antiqued Silver Plated Gothic Victorian Rustic Finish" by this store on EtSy>>> CosmicFirefly Steampunk Accessories Jewelry Cufflinks Cigarette Cases