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Lene Underhaug

“Between us / unsayable things / heavy as bone.” — Natalie Wee, from ‘Let Us Be Fireflies’, Our Bodies & Other Fine Machines

I... I don't even have a comment for this one...

SpongeBob Haircut

Funny pictures about SpongeBob Haircut. Oh, and cool pics about SpongeBob Haircut. Also, SpongeBob Haircut photos.

Classical art memes are the best                                                                                                                                                     More

Classical art memes are the best

Classical art memes are the best *I think I have a newfound love for classical / medieval art. They're hilarious!

Don't be mean to people because they are ugly

BOIIII this is so true there was a kid in my grade class and he was cute in like a little kid way but he got fINE AF in high school and he remembered me from grade and I melted a bit ngl

Seriously though yes

I actually wrote a paper on Viking family dynamics and the rights and privileges women had was on the same level as modern day women enjoy. But what's really interesting is the inheritance rights that women and children had.

The real song came on in gym class today and my friend was rolling around in the floor covering her ears because she hates that song

I dove back into the hell hole that is iFunny yesterday just to find out that only mods could post. So this is your fault I hope you're happy.