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Isn't nature a strange and beguiling thing, at times? Snails ruin my vegetables and flowers but some are so annoyingly pretty, like this one. So pretty.

Snail Ladybug on Acorns.acorns in themselves are packages of great potential.and then, to have a ladybird and a snail join them in the rain, is just AWESOME!

En esta fotografía hay tréboles, que tiene flores, unos órganos en los que se producen semillas. Estas plantas son muy abundantes y variadas. Y las flores pueden ser grandes y vistosas

I love this because it looks very creative with the rain and the 3 leave clovers! great way to represent luck! this relates to OMS because luck has a big part in the story. This is different from mine because I didn't do luck.


Ladybug with a dew drop dripping off it's back. This beetle is the example of the ladybug with the two white dashes recommended best for the garden.


Modern interior colors, orange color schemes Light green and orange color scheme. I think orange/red needs to be considered given the color of Maui dirt.

macro | sunset dragonfly | by iwan_pruvic | http://ift.tt/1FXwoey

Sunset dragonfly - by iwan pruvic. Extremely beautiful nature photography of dragonfly sitting on a daisy flower with the sun in Bokeh focus right behind the flower making it and the insect glow.

sacred geometry in plants - Google Search

The Power Of Cakra Photo by Saefull Regina — National Geographic Your Shot Mehr


A snail can crawl across a razor widout getting cut as they excrete a slime substance which shields them

blues-talking-foxx:  glitterarygetsit:  superwhooligan:  gabrielsaunteredvaguelydownwards:  priceofliberty:  taktophoto:  Tale of nature from Vyacheslav Mishchenko  every single one of these photos looks like a dream  HOLY FUCKING SHIT HOW ADORABLE ARE THOSE SNAILS THIS IS LIKE ALICE IN WONDERLAND MET AN ATTENBOROUGH DOCUMENTARY AND TURNED THE ‘BRIGHTNESS’ FILTER UP TO FULL MOTHERFUCKING MOLLUSCS MAN I SWEAR  I feel like the photographer just took these snails and just put them in cute…

Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko created this fascinating series of macro photographs that explore the incredible world of tiny creatures like snails, mollusks, insects and amphibians dwell.