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Not today bitch

A funny demotivator of a lion and a zebra. Looks like its not going to happen today for the lion as the zebra has hooves full of epic win.


Funny pictures about Animals that said 'Not Today'. Oh, and cool pics about Animals that said 'Not Today'. Also, Animals that said 'Not Today' photos.


Man you're such a cheetah, let's eat some zebra or whatever. Cheetah is also what Tiger Woods changed his name to a while back.

Pufferfish (Tetraodontidae) are generally believed to be the second most poisonous vertebrates in the world, after the  golden poison frog. They have a deadly neurotoxin (Tetrodotoxin) that paralyzes the victim. There is no antidote.

There are around 120 known species of puffer fish, the second most poisonous creature on the planet after the Golden Poison Frog. The puffer fish is found in tropical waters worldwide, but they rarely go into the cooler waters.

Baaaha some of These are sooo funny!!! Need to look good! - Click image to find more Humor Pinterest pins

Funny pictures about Why camera angles are critical. Oh, and cool pics about Why camera angles are critical. Also, Why camera angles are critical.

Laughed way too hard at this

I laughed out loud at this. I think the farmer tried to milk that cow his own way.

Genius... Pure genius

Will being Will

In 2012, the American public LOST ITS SHIT.

No more bacon motherfuckers. What matters most is not talked about people don't know or find out. crappy shit like twinkies are threatened with extinction and the world goes crazy.

The resemblances are insanely accurate..ahw man! You're bad!

Funny pictures about Celebrity look alikes. Oh, and cool pics about Celebrity look alikes. Also, Celebrity look alikes photos.