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Mounted Lakota Warrior- warrior of a branch of the Teton Sioux, cousin of the Oglala Sioux. He was likely involved in internecine feuds that weakened the Indian nations. He was a master of horsemanship after the horse was introduced by the Spanish.

"Tatanka" Sioux word for Buffalo ~  by Les LeFevre

"Tatanka" Sioux word for Buffalo - x Oil on Linen -Outstanding Indian Art Native American Art - Native American ArtOriginal Oil Paintings

Native American Indian Pictures: Search results for southwest Indians

georgy-konstantinovich-zhukov: A Sioux warrior with a bow and arrows. Often less than three feet in length these short bows were well suited to firing from horseback. (Library of Congress)


Master of His Land is a painting, featuring a crow man on horseback on the Great Plains. James Ayers paints historic Crow and Native American peoples


Feather Headdress -- Circa 1925 -- North or South Dakota. Culture: Lakota (Teton Sioux) Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Cody, Wyoming

Artist David Mann

Meet artist David Mann and learn about his compelling Native American paintings that convey the dignity and humanity of American Indians

Foreigners Are Coming In And Messing Up Your Country?

SITTING BULL was a beloved medicine man and chief of the Sioux Indian Tribe. Chief Sitting Bull was born in about 1837 in what is now North Dakota. He was the son of Sioux chief Jumping Bull.