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Firenest  Doodling, Abstract Art

Firenest Doodling, Abstract Art

Abstract Art Marta Spendowska The Blue, The Pretty and The Soft

Abstract art, watercolor illustration in New England by Marta Spendowska: Originals.

Anne Moore -   Reaching for the Highest i    Collectors, 20" x 10" block

“Art is not concerned merely with great artists, with genius or with prodigious skills. It is, fundamentally, the outward form of an inward search. To participate in this search, on whatever level and.

ELEMENT LINE Title: No. 5 Artist: Jackson Pollock, 1948 Art Movement: Abstract Expressionism

Title: No. 5 Artist: Jackson Pollock, 1948 I find this piece intriguing because of Pollock's use of color and technique. While I may be a few million short, it is a goal in my life to own a Pollock original.

Anne-Laure Djaballah: "Step"| 24 x 12", oil, acrylic, mixed media on canvas

Anne-Laure Djaballah - 24 x oil, acrylic, mixed media on canvas With this one I was seeing how much I could have things all leaning to one side and with one small element try to hold it all back

Noted, AVL: Stunning. [Ochre Urbanity, a photographic impression by David Hansen, davidhansenart.artistwebsites.com]

Ochre Urbanity by David Hansen - Ochre Urbanity Digital Art - Ochre Urbanity Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

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Cool entryway with black and white brushstroke walls. A piece of black and white abstract art is .

fearnoarts: Tas Vicze

fearnoarts: Tas Vicze

ARTFINDER: Color rainbow 2 - Abstract Acrylic Pa... by Mo Tuncay - Overview…

Color rainbow 2 - Abstract Acrylic Painting 2015

Saatchi Art Artist Sabrina Garrasi; Painting, ""Dreamlike Dimension" / Original Painting - Abstract Landscape" #art

Dreamlike Dimension" / Original Painting - Abstract Landscape Painting by Sabrina Garrasi