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But the Brooklyn episode is “nothing special,” says Volker Auwärter, a forensic toxicologist at University Clinic Freiburg in Germany. “We have people coming to the hospital all the time,” similarly affected by synthetic cannabinoids. One of those is MDMB-CHMICA, which has been associated with at least 71 serious adverse events including 29 deaths in eight EU states, according to a 2016 report by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction and the Europol law enforcement…

Mass intoxication in New York City was caused by powerful synthetic weed

Cheap, unpredictable, and hard to regulate, synthetic marijuana reportedly gives users psychotic symptoms, seizures, and worse.   #addiction #drugs

Cheap, unpredictable, and hard to regulate, synthetic marijuana reportedly gives users psychotic symptoms, seizures, and worse. #addiction #drugs

Emily Bauer, the teen that nearly died from synthetic marijuana, was left paralyzed, blind and on life support after smoking ‘Spice,’ and her family thought she was never going to come out of it. Description from thewatershed.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Natural Marijuana “December Emily Bauer, a 16 year old girl from Cypress, Texas, nearly died as a direct result of smoking synthetic weed labeled "potpourri" (also commonly known as spice or


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Fake Weed Causes Real Deaths | Guff News |

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CDC reports synthetic marijuana harms kidneys of users.

Drug Spice Synthetic Marijuana Deaths interesting infographic from #zipgrinders http://www.zipgrinders.com/?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=pin&utm_content=pin&utm_campaign=cannabis

Drug Spice Synthetic Marijuana Deaths thought this was interesting.

Synthetic Drugs Zombie Apocalypse: Trick or Treatment    “Preparations for the synthetic drug Zombie apocalypse are probably well under way as we near Halloween. Sensationalized stories of ghouls, ghosts, and other frightening phenomena are the news of the day.”      #Addiction    #Alcoholsm #bathsalts #BingeDrinking   #drugabuse #drugtreatment    #K2 #krocodil #marijuana #miamizombie #Oxycontin #streetdrugs   #SyntheticDrugs #weed #zombieapocalypse   #zombieattack #zombiedrug #zombies

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What Every Parent Needs to Know About Synthetic Marijuana : Spice Gold herbal smoking blend Synthetic Marijuana Gaining Popularity  Fake weed products are legal, and their use has grown since they were first introduced in 2002. They don't trigger a positive result on a urine drug test and are marketed as being "100% organic herbs," insinuating that they are natural and completely safe.

What Should Parents Know About Synthetic Marijuana Dangers?

Synthetic marijuana goes by many names including "legal herbal bud" and These are not natural or organic herb products and have serious concerns.