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I'm going to get myself a josh dun

So sorry but this almost makes me mad. I'm happy that they got to meet their idol but sometimes the biggest fans aren't the ones that can afford to go to a lot of shows. I wish the people I idolized would see that.

So happy for this person but im sad because I don't have enough money to go see them live/travel to meet them and they just ended the Blurryface era so idk when I'll ever get to see them 😖




YESSS I love RAB more than all of the other albums[no offense:(((]. it's just so well written I actually perfect the RAB version of Ode To Sleep idk why I just relate to of somehow

XD hehehe... hehe.... he... '_' burry...

let's just all secretly disobey mrs.

I swear i want the skeleton hoodie SO bad I'll wear it till I DIE

I would do this to my cousin angel.

Can this happen onstage please? And then Josh has to play drums still handcuffed to Tyler so Tyler has to be his crazy self with his one hand chained to Josh's which is playing the drums? Like can this PLEASE happen it would be so funny.

ᴘɪɴᴛᴇʀᴇsᴛ: @sadbutrad116

I saw a guy jogging that looked just like josh the other day and I freaked!

what's even better is my parents' first dance was to the original song by Elvis. I should totally do this.

Aaaand I must get married in the church Helena was filmed in too.

Down in the forest, we'll sing a chorus; one that everybody knows

Down in the forest, we'll sing a chorus; one that everybody knows<<<<<<I thought the same exact thing


I don't understand why "true fans" can't like Stressed Out, like yes, it is overplayed and popular but in the end it's a TØP song and every TØP song is a great song.

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