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Listen to Bernie Sanders.  Look at how the republicans are handing everything we've worked for over to the corporations as fast as they can!

Today the United States is number one and billionaires, and corporate profits, and CEO salaries. Number one in childhood poverty and income and wealth inequality in the industrialized world I guess this makes us

A collection of classic Jon Stewart quotes and the memes inspired by the legendary Daily Show host.

The Funniest Jon Stewart Quotes and Memes

Stewart and Colbert: America's News Team - 10 Best Stephen Colbert Quotes Ever

Tax the churches

Bitching that paying for birth control "goes against your religious beliefs" while expecting non-Christian taxpayers to pay for your churches.

I know what it means! It means they've found another way to keep women disadvantaged.

The Princess Bride: I can't control my reproductive health because of my boss's religious beliefs. That's called "Freedom of Religion" Inigo Montoya: You keep saying that. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Growing old together

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Global warming exists...deny all you want to, it doesn't change the truth!

How to Freecycle and Repurpose Tutorials

John Oliver is a stud. Sharp, articulate, funny, but also very knowledgeable and fact based.

Duh. Control those with the most nature given power, control the world. These are the people that give birth to the world.

"Why extremists always focus on women remains a mystery to me. They all want to control women" ~Hilary Clinton


The Funniest Jon Stewart Quotes and Memes: Jon Stewart on Religion and Homosexuality