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Bounce grid with ground poles, small vertical, and crossrail | themaggiememoirs.blogspot.com

Bounce grid with ground poles, small vertical, and crossrail, an exercise for both rider and horse!

HoofNotes 2.1 | Cavaletti Exercises | The Eloquent Equine

Volume No. 1 expands on the trot pole gymnastic exercises provided in HFN and ups the complexity by adding some cavalettis. It provides some great exercises for cavalettis into your training routine. This HoofNote is based on a larger article on G

cloverleaf jump exercise

The clover leaf exercise: Place four small verticals or crossrails in a + shape. Start by trotting the first one then circling left, trotting the next one, and so on. Focus on balance, rhythm, and turning from the outside aids.

Small Jump Course

for horses that like to get ahead of you you can mix up the direction you take. could use in a narrow/small arena too

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