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A mature all-white male orca, the only one of its kind known, has been spotted in the North Pacific off the east coast of Russia, scientists announced Monday (April 23). After seeing its towering white dorsal fin breaking through the water's surface, the team named the distinctive beast "Iceberg." [Read full story]

'Iceberg' Iceberg swimming beside a second male of his family group, possibly his brother. (Far East Russia Orca Project.

'Iceberg'...looks like a plane

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BIG DORSAL FIN >>>> Iceberg's dorsal fin extends nearly feet meters) high, a sight that led to the orca's name.

My favorite animal- and probably the best thing about the ocean

Boycott places that keep Orcas captive for your entertainment, and their profits. These are very, very large, socially structured mammals, that DO NOT thrive in captivity.


A very joyous orca calf, if only we could all be so joyful in our lives. Info I was able to find about the photo: The calf is Calf (Tigrenok) and is making a high jump in Avacha Gulf.