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courant-peinture-classicisme: Louis XIV (Hyacinthe Rigaud)

Hyacinthe Rigaud - Louis XIV, King of France, 1701 at the Louvre Museum Paris France

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Ari Takes Photos: Amore E Psiche, Louvre Paris, Spring 2013 - 56342 - Buamai

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Louis XIV : King Louis XIV of France, known as the Sun King, lived a lavish lifestyle and built the palace of Versailles. His reign, which lasted from 1643 until his death in redefined royal opulence and the power of the absolute monarch.

Glitch Art in Renaissance Paintings

Glitch Art in Renaissance Paintings


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Dancing with Death/ The German Tango . - Louis Raemaekers - - Cartoons against isolationism in WWI The German Tango- “From East to West and West to East, I dance with thee.

Marie de Medicis as Bellona - Peter Paul Rubens

Marie de Medicis as Bellona, Peter Paul Rubens Size: cm Medium: oil, canvas

Ficheiro:Jean-Honoré Fragonard 009.jpg

Pinturas de Jean Honoré Fragonard!

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"Smokie" Pompous Pets Sydney, New South Wales Australia Mewseum - A Collection of Cat Art -

Anthony van Dyck. Queen Henrietta Maria with Sir Jeffrey Hudson. 1633. Oil on canvas. National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, USA

1633 Queen Henrietta Maria with Sir Jeffrey Hudson by Sir Anthonis van Dyck (National Gallery of Art - Washington, DC USA)

Louis XIV

Louis XIV, le Roi-Soleil One Monarch who loved a building project!