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"I just think life would be simpler if you'd stop karate kicking in the halls at work" -Jackie "I think liars go to hell!

Emo times, call for emo pics. If you guys haven’t heard, the emo Pon and Zi cartoons. drawn fantastically by Jeff Thomas. Pon – the yellow male. Zi – the blue female. I’ll e…

Pon and Zi Collection by Jeff Thomas (Warning: MANY BIG pics)

i love my family at taekwondo (:

We have family in our TKD dojo too. It is me, my TKD husband, my TKD brothers and TKD sisters and TKD children. I love my TKD family

#Girls Make Better #Ninjas

Girls Make Better Ninjas

Girls Make Better Ninjas-I actually was a ninja i created for ninjago two years ago.

My past has a tendency to rear it's ugly head when I get mad.

Don't let my looks deceive you. I look like a lady but I know how to break a nose like a man. I don't do hair pulling, I do fist in your face.

Because despite my size, I love knowing I can take you down.

Runner Things #1333

10 Reasons To Be Fit If You're A Girl:Because despite my size, I love knowing I can take you down.


My number one reason why I can't hang out with my friends. Taekwondo and Hapkido are ruling my life.