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It produces organic fresh vegetables for restaurants and local consumption.

Responsive design has a lot of different facets to it. Sites can be highly responsive and still not work for the audience correctly. I liked this infographic because it goes over the all-important planning-process. Knowing your audience is essential in making a website responsive to them. We saw an example of a site not being very responsive in the new Obamacare website. Maybe they should have taken notes from this graphic, and paid more attention to the pre-production process.

05 responsive design process infographic 10 Infographics for Learning About Responsive Web Design farshidramezani


Beginning as a grassroots volunteer program in the UNICEF Tap Project evolved into a successful and innovative campaign that used a mobile app to save lives by providing children with clean water. In the span of a decade, the UNICEF Tap Project:


I now have a studio space! It's an old milk store (mjölkbutiken = the milk store) with original 1926 interior two blocks from.

DelCampo on Behance

DelCampo was a branding project for a sustainable farm located in the suburbs of Medellín. It produces organic fresh vegetables for restaurants and local consumption. For the logo I used a modification of Textile.

Henriette Helvetica Condensed

Henriette Helvetica Condensed

ChrisDina10_manuela sanchez

Fruit by Christopher Dina, via Behance Computer graphics lesson for fifth grade?

Folders criativos para pizzaria e restaurantes (5)

Folders e menus de restaurantes e pizzaria como você nunca viu

Design of a menu for an Italian restaurant "Pesto Cafe" placed in Moscow. The menu is like a magazine that shows dishes, information about the recipes of Italian cuisine and Italian traditions.Made for G-sign agency. Photos of dishes for menu by Nikita K…