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The Hollywood / Kanner Architects  -  A 54-unit building, The Hollywood is something of a pioneering project in a part of Los Angeles that, while emerging from years of civic indifference, remains a bit rough around the fringes. The multifamily courtyard condominium development announces the arrival of modern urban living to complement the entertainment, hospitality and retail revival under way in Hollywood.

The Hollywood / Kanner Architects

Image 1 of 23 from gallery of Adamant / Mayer Hasbani. Photograph by Hector Velasco

Gallery of Adamant / Mayer Hasbani - 21

Built by Mayer Hasbani in Puebla, Mexico with date Images by Hector Velasco. On the important urban crossing of The Periférico and Via Atlixcayotl in the Angelópolis area of Pueba is located ADA.

Hörsaalgebäude Osnabrück / Benthem Crouwel Architects

Gallery of Hörsaalgebäude Osnabrück / Benthem Crouwel Architects - 17

APARTMENT BUILDING WITH 42 UNITS FOR YOUTHS - Explore, Collect and Source architecture

Gallery of Apartment Building of 42 Units / Roldán + Berengué - 7



03 98 Building / Espinoza Carvajal Arquitectos03 98 Building / Espinoza Carvajal Arquitectos - © Sebastián Crespo

Gallery of Edificio 03 98 / Espinoza Carvajal Arquitectos - 2

Image 2 of 30 from gallery of Edificio 03 98 / Espinoza Carvajal Arquitectos. Photograph by Sebastián Crespo

Gallery of Wuxi Masterplan: Mixed Use Building Complex Proposal / ATENASTUDIO - 3

ATENASTUDIO and Archmaster practice, have developed a masterplan for a mixed use building district in Wuxi, China, which takes over a sqm zoning.