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Love my sewing room

Love my sewing room

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Additions: The 157th Metamorphosis Monday  |  Between Naps on the Porch

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Additions

I need an home office desk space like this! Love the desk space where I can pile and spread out my stuff, the chair,the room for a double monitor .

Wire shelving...been toying with the idea.  I wish I could see the whole picture.

This is a lovely sewing area. However, it does not reflect "my style"! If I am sewing, things are strewn all over the place!

Tidiest sewing room I've ever encountered

mental note: need cutting table. table tall enough to stand at for craft projects (e. cutting, ironing, etc)

Cuarto de Manualidades

crafting - love the idea of a color theme in crafting room. Not sure I would do red.but, it is my favorite color.

Sewing Space Makeover

Sewing Space Makeover

Sewing Space Makeover - I love seeing where other people create! It looks so clean and organized not cluttered.

Mom’s sewing room.  She’s been sewing for 45 years and after all the time, you figure out what you want in a sewing room.  A couple years ago she designed some great cabinets, full of very well thought out details.  I thought some of you might enjoy seeing some of her ideas -    Here’s a bit of an overview of the corner with all the cabinets.  Notice the two sewing spots

Sewing Room Cabinet Ideas

storage for vinyl rolls  Need drawers for my king thread spools Need cabs and drawer combos

I'm not picking this photo for my dream home for the color or style, but for the idea of a room devoted to art and craft projects. A room for me. It makes me giddy just thinking about it.