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Observatoire du Graphisme Contemporain

theinspirationshuffle: “ Visual Identity for the 2015 National Historical Centres Day. Check this portuguese studio with an amazing talent! Another Collective ”

Un punto de fuga.

Un punto de fuga.

As a narrative artist, Chris Ware is interested in more than the appearances of people and places. His carefully rendered snapshots of roadside locales, is so real and so powerful, and so AMERICAN. So descriptive of America, that is. All of the work he does speaks to a very specific sense of observation, and it's all rendered in straight lines. Amazing.

The above image is from the Graphic novel "Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid on Earth" by Chris Ware. Ware is one of, if not the most, accomp.

Chris Ware- Fairfax Boulevard Movie Theatre Poster on Yazuhiro Ozu's 'Tôkiô Monogatari'

Chris Ware’s poster for a 2008 Ozu retrospective at Cinefamily (Silent Movie Theater). The theater specializes in indie, revival, and art house movies.

Building stories - Chris Ware -Griffioen Grafiek

Chris Ware’s new graphic novel, about the residents of a Chicago building, comes in a box containing a hard-bound volume or two, pamphlets and leaflets, a huge tabloid and more.

Chris Ware

art by Chris Ware :: scanned from the Acme Novelty Library :: Fantagraphics Books :: 1994