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General Mills History

Vintage American World War II advertisement for Cheerioats (now known as Cheerios): “

American Women, World War II

Women War Correspondents working in the European Theatre of Operations, England, 1943 / (Moore)

Swift's Canned Hamburgers! by earline

Hamburgers in a can! Take The Labor Out… detail from 1950 Swift’s Premium canned hamburger ad.

I'm so proud of our heroes that have in the past and continue in the present moment to make the sacrifices that they do to keep our country free!!

American WWII propaganda poster "These colors won't run. Remember Pearl Harbor" - an American flag and a soldier playing the bugle are depicted

See many images of women's war work in the UK and the US at https://www.pinterest.com/yrauntruth/women-at-war-homefront/ and https://www.pinterest.com/yrauntruth/wartime-food-cooking-rationing-victory-gardens/ and https://www.pinterest.com/yrauntruth/women-at-war-nurses/

Women's Roles in the First World War #Infographic

Women's Roles in the First World War - an introduction / survey in infographic form.-----It took a war to show the value of women to take on traditionally "men's" work!

Ouch bubble gum! Great for the goodie bags!!!!

Ouch bubble gum Childhood memories Any one knows where can get it from

Female Pilot of the US Women's Air Force Service, 1943. The women who served as Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) flew military aircraft during non-combat missions throughout the United States' involvement in World War II.

“A pilot of the U. Women’s Air Force Service at Avenger Field, Texas, in by Peter Stackpole (via LIFE) Happy Women's History Month!


Go travel poster Travel round the globe but first see Ireland by Boston Public Library Vintage Ireland Travel Poster Vintage Travel Poster I.

A few year later women win the right to vote in provincial elections in Manitoba,Saskatchewan, and Alberta years had passed when finally Canadian women win the right to vote in federal elections over the age of 21. *Asian,black and first nations people are not aloud to vote*

27 Badass Images Of Women Winning And Exercising The Right To Vote

"Women bring all voters into the world. Let Women Vote."- This pro-suffrage poster from the North Carolina Museum of History's collection, attempted to remind men (who already had the vote) where they came from. - (vintage lady, edwardian, women's rights)

"Give Him A 'Putsch' In The Puss!" ~ WWII anti Hitler propaganda poster, ca. 1940s.

"Give Him A 'Putsch' In The Puss!" ~ WWII anti Hitler propaganda poster, ca.

40 Hilarious Vintage STD Propaganda Posters from World War II

Men Who Know Say No to Prostitutes This U. Governement poster was used during WWII to help fight the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among the military. "Men who know say no to prostitutes: Spreaders of Syphilis and Gonorrhea.