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21 days of organization projects.  I should start this now, but instead I will pin it away and forget about it:-)  Maybe day 22 should be to organize my pin boards!

Tarragon Tuna Pasta Salad

4 - Linen Closet * Day 5 - Day 14 - Under bathroom sink * Day 15 - Medicine/Vitamin Storage * Day 16 - The Fridge * Day 17 - The Mail * Day 18 - Keepsakes * Day 19 - Master Closet * Day 20 - Photos * Day 21 - You pick!

Small changes can go a long way in a bathroom. Check out these simple ways to update your space!

Easy DIY Bathroom Updates

Hang your hot tools on adhesive hooks inside of a cabinet door. Unconventional Ways to Store Your Makeup - Beauty Product Organization - Cosmopolitan

PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holders.  Under the spice racks for holding hair products?  One for each of the four of us!

Crafting in the Rain: DIY PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holders - great for inside a cabinet kids bathroom cute idea

screw a cookie sheet inside the top of a cabinet or underneath a shelf...add magnets to the tops of spices and VIOLA!!!

A magnetic spice rack. A cookie sheet screwed to the under side of the cupboard; then magnets hot glued to the lid of baby food jars. A good space saver! I could also do little sensory jars and stick them to the door. Maybe the little baby food jars.


I have, literally, 1 makeup brush, so i dont need a jar for them. but its a good idea Id use it for something else: Make up brush holder using spray painted mason jars gold.

Printable labels for Folger's Coffee cans. someday-i-will-make-this

Free printable labels for Folgers coffee cans. My brother loves folgers containers for his sons' small toys!

Хранение под раковиной

Creative bathroom storage… Under the sink… Big bathroom cubes built in… Isn’t this interesting storage? Reminds me of an airplane bathroom! …and have you ever seen bathroom storage like this?

How to maximize your apartment space. Give yourself some room to breathe in your studio apartment. For all of your NYC essentials, visit Duane Reade or go to DuaneReade.com.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Living in a small space doesn’t necessarily mean you need to think small. There are many ways that you can make your apartment modern over messy and cozy rather than cramped. Get more out of your apartment living space!