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3rd Grade Pad : Multiplication

Multiplication Fluency Game: Kaboom!

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FREE Multiplication Strategies - mini posters / reference charts for Math

Multiplication Strategies Anchor Chart / Posters

Anchor Chart: multiplication by dolly -- I thought @Anna Totten Bacon, @Heather Creswell Duwe, @Brittany Horton Grider would like this!

(can use the same idea to show multiple ways of adding/subtracting) GREAT!-- multiplication unit to teach repeated addition, groups of, commutative property, and arrays. You could also replace one with a multiplication word problem and picture.

Meets 4th grade Math Common Core - nice way to introduce this before the regular algorithm to aid in deeper understanding from:  Math Coach's Corner: Alternate Strategies for Multi-Digit Multiplication

Alternate Strategies for Multi-Digit Multiplication

Math Coach's Corner: Alternate Strategies for Multi-Digit Multiplication. Explore the partial products and area model methods for multiplying multi-digit numbers.

Elementary AMC: Fr-inky Friday

Fr-inky Friday

Division Strategy Mini-Posters This package includes a labelled divison problem with no remainder, a labelled division problem with a remainder (both .