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Terrariums Reimagined Mini Worlds Made in Creative Containers

Green Tea Terrarium

Terrariums Reimagined: Mini Worlds Made in Creative Containers by Kat Geiger

Terrarium lovvvve id put some type of animal bone in them of course!

Bell jars, sideways glass vases, and hanging glass containers for terrariums. Points on the side for clear glass terrariums!


We could make tiny versions of these in upside down jars Japanese garden terrarium features a realistic miniature garden scene complete with a tiny stone pagoda (style varies) surrounded by fresh live moss

This is a Wolfard oil lamp turned into a vessel for an air plant and terrarium. Great idea. I have this exact lamp and never burn oil in it.:                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Sublime Marimo and Tillandsia Hand Blown Glass Terrarium by MyZen I have this glass and use it as an oil lamp

The Shire Hobbit Home Terrarium. This is so cute it makes me want something that lives in a terrarium, lol!

Geek in Wonderland: Mini Movie Sets in Tiny Terrariums

Woodland Forest Scene Terrarium by DoodleBirdie on Etsy

Nestled inside a crystal clear glass vessel is a moss-veiled path of natural stones winding up to secret groves of wooded landscape. This miniature forest scene is comprised of 3 varieties of moss which is an easy to care for plant requiring only minimal

Plant survives 50 years locked in a bottle A plant sealed into a large glass bottle more than 50 years ago is thriving, having created its own miniature, self-contained eco-system. Its owner, David Latimer, began his experiment in 1960 when bottle gardens were all the rage, curious to see how well the plants would do. He planted four species, of which only one survived, but that is going strong, despite having been deprived of fresh air or moisture since the bung was last removed in 1972.

David Latimer from Cranleigh, Surrey, with his bottle garden that was first planted 53 years ago and has not been watered since 1972 - yet continues to thrive in its sealed environment. The bottle garden has created its own miniature ecosystem.

I guess anything can be used? Lol!

25 terrários lindos que você tem que acrescentar no seu Pinterest

This time Ive used an old coffee plunger to create some de(er)caffeinated coffee- mind the pun.Using an unusual or common household item as opposed to a jar can instantly make a terrarium more interesting. Terrarium and photography by Zik

Water lily

A large glass bowl and a plant stand gets you this great little water garden for your patio/porch. Would be nice with a flowering water plant and a Betta fish!

Mini waterfall

Add a Miniature Waterfall, Pond or River to your Fairy Garden Terrarium - Unique Terrarium Accessory - Handmade by Gypsy Raku