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Mount Kinabalu Climb, Borneo / Lonely Planet

Tours in Mt Kinabalu & Kinabalu National Park

David Lazar, "Taken in Borneo, while climbing Mt Kinabalu, South East Asia’s highest mountain range", Malaysia.

Get lost in New York

Taken during a recent trip to the USA. It was a nice Friday afternoon when I was on Liberty Island. A little post production was done using Adobe Lightroom

if natural light was this amazing i would have the wedding in the street

Real History of Vampires - We currently live in a pop culture world that seems obsessed with vampires. From gothic vampire novels, to endless movies, television and art,.

See YouTube description for more:  Seeds of the Infinite 6, led by Michael Robbins. This webinar was held on September 19, 2015.     Thus far we have discussed a number of subjects: 1.The meaning of "Isolated Unity"      2.Importantly we began offering various meditations, the purpose of which is to induce the experience of "Isolated Unity" and of Identification with that Unity. ...

Seeds of the Infinite led by Michael Robbins. This webinar was held on September Dear Friends of the Ageless Wisdom, Thus far we have discussed .

Redwood Forest Floor, California

Redwood Forest, Humboldt County, California photo via isabel. This is what I miss about California. They just don't have forests like that out here.