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Another very intricate, very large crabitat. Those shell beds are massive. It's just super neat!

~Enjoying The World of Hermit Crabs~ - Crabitat Supplies

(link) World Of Hermit Crabs! - Crabitat Supplies & info ~ NICE CRABITAT ~ EXCEPT: substrate needs to be a minimum of the height of tallest crab (usually min. and ratio of Play Sand & EE Coco Fiber ~ for more great PINs w/good links visit ~ have fun!

Originally written by Vanessa Pike-Russell Behaviour in the Wild Land hermit crabs are territorial animals, and as such they will often act aggressively towards one another to establish a ‘pecking’ order among their colony. Sometimes this can be in the form of ‘feeler’ or antennae fights, others in violent pushing or flicking fellow tank mates … … Continue reading →

Identifying and addressing aggression in hermit crabs

Crabitat. Love the woven shelving

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Crabitat Hermit Crab Habitat

How An Old Lady Got Crabs (Hermit Crabs)

How to build a vertical crabitat for your hermit crabs

Building a vertical crabitat - All Things Crabby

My 10 gallon

10 Gallon Tank Lament

The 10 gallon tank lament.

Hermit Crab Paradise » Forums » View topic - rawbies crabitat

Hermit Crab Paradise » Forums » View topic - rawbies crabitat

Don't like the pink, but the nets and the way the wood is arranged is really cool.

Some colorful gravel sprinkled on top of the sand in one area of the crabitat provides a diversity in terrain for the crabs to enjoy without removing any necessary substrate.