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Each day you can choose you and get closer to the life of your dreams. Why not today?

Cy, in his debut video, shares his ideas to help you make your life grand!

Stop Waiting For Things To Happen. Go Out And Make Them Happen.

This is my new motto for life, as I often put of doing things I want to do because I would rather be lazy, safe, or I am to busy with adult stuff

Knowing  isn't enough, we must apply  what we know that's best. Regardless  if we've the will or not, we must do  what is best anyway.

Bruce Lee broke down many barriers in becoming the greatest martial artist who ever lived. To have no form.




Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it - Bill Cosby (inspirational quotes, motivational quotes, quotes about life)

Loving centered and balanced! Here I go out into the world!

evolve into people who can hold to our loving center no matter what the world throws us // marianne williamson I love this it hit home for me

book of the 5 rings - Google Search

I personally always thought there is only one truth in the world. That is the truth you seek and discover through your own experiences.but that's just me of course.

So true, and looking into your eye at breakfast was very nice....

Typography romance i love you amazing true love love quotes Romantic i need you Thinking of You affection wondering quote picture how long always on my mind never left deep feelings occurred love quote for her love quote for him since i met you

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In all your learning get knowledge, understanding and wisdom--some study for a life-time and learn many things--but never come to the knowledge of TRUTH. such a waste of life and learning!