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supportknk said: can I request a jihun version of why he is hella hadsome. Let me tell you 7 reasons why my bias, Kimchi Jihun is hella handsome.

GOT7 Never Ever

to ouvindo never ever e do nada vejo esse pin sera o destino.

WoW Speed <3

And this is why kpop dances are awesome.~~~~OMG I finally found the group that does this. They are called SPEED.

Since Jackson can't swear on air, he says "Cuss Word" instead ㅋㅋㅋ #Jackson #Got7

Jackson on Roommate that's why he's my favorite (aside from JR Bambam JB Mark Yongjae Yugyeom >_<)

When JB forgot he was 21 and got7's leader

When JB forgot he was 21 and leader be when I forget I'm 11 and I wear my dad's shirt cause he left for work and I miss him and I jump around like a 5 year old cause I'm happy yeah that's me now

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Reakcje chłopaków z zespołu Got7. #losowo # Losowo # amreading # books # wattpad

Reakcje Got7

Awww... His smile... Awww #yugyeom #gyeomie #got7

Su sonrisa me alegra el corazón, ah~ Yugyeom