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I love this man. This show was so important to him. He is the biggest firefly fan. I'm sad it ended, but I'm more sad for him.

Nathan Fillion - I loved Firefly - thought it was really well done with effects and stories. Who couldn't love the Reevers? and the language like Stay Shiny.


“ “I’ve often thought, and I’ve said this before whenever asked, ‘where do you think Zoe is, how do you think that story would continue?’ and I always say I was pregnant in Serenity. I was pregnant,.

Note to self: Captain Mal says turbulence may lead to explosions. Good to know.

"We may experience some slight turbulence and then explode." – Nathan Fillion as Capt. Mal Reynolds on Firefly

Firefly. This show is amazing. If only Fox gave it a chance and actually had a set day and time. Never knew when it was going to be on

I love Jayne. 23 Times Jayne Cobb Set The Perfect Example In Life

Captain, can I have money for a slinky dress?

Zoe & Wash: a great couple! Also, Gina Torres has such a lovely smile.

OMG. What can it be? We're all doomed! Who's flying this thing? Oh right. That would be me. Back to work.

It was hard, but my favorite character is Wash. He is the pilot on the ship Serenity, and is married to the amazing Zoe.He is amazingly funny but can be serious of the situation calls for it.