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Oh wow.. completely forgot about these! There was a gumball at the bottom!

favorite thing to get from the ice cream man! bubble gum ice cream with the gumball at the bottom!

Iced Gems. Loved these when I was a kid! I used to bite off the icing & put the cookie part back in the jar. Needless to say, when my mom/grandmother took the jar out to serve to guests they were not to happy to find a jar full of un-iced cookies.

Iced Gems were a special treat. Some eat the biscuit first and others the icing top. Others ate the candied top and threw away the biscuit. How did you eat them. I tried to save mine but my brother sneaked away with them.

Remembering sometimes squeezing the ink onto blotting paper.

These tiny ink cartridges in no way led to you flicking ink onto the shirt of the person sitting in front of you.

"Fun hooouse, it's a whole lotta fun, prizes to be won (it's a real whacky show where anything gooooes)"

Fun House with Pat Sharp "FunHouse whole lotta fun, prizes to be won, it's a real crazy show Where anything can go.

Old, cool or both? http://labelszoo.co.uk can help with any labeling requirements you have FIENDISH FEET, I use to love these!!

Fiendish Feet Yogurts-omg these were soooo cool!

I'd just like to clarify that even back then, I NEVER wore one of these and I thought the kids who did were idiots. Rave on.

Plastic pacifier necklaces - there were different sizes and colors, some had glitter