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Rock Crawler 3d printed

Rock Crawler by Richy on Shapeways

Rock Crawler by Richy

Rock Crawler

Rock Crawler by Richy on Shapeways

Toy cars -- every little boy loves them. When I was growing up in the 80s and 90s, the toy cars of choice were Hot Wheels and Micro Machines. My brother and I w

Toy cars -- every little boy loves them. When I was growing up in the and the toy cars of choice were Hot Wheels and Micro Machines.

Ora by Bathsheba on Shapeways, the 3D printing marketplace

Ora, textured

Ora, textured by Bathsheba on Shapeways. Learn more before you buy, or discover other cool products in Sculptures.

Steam Punk 3D Printed Goggles  by Jasonwelsh

Steam Punk Printed Goggles by Jasonwelsh

3Dprinting @Art & Designs

Art & Designs 🎨 on

3Dprinting @Art & Designs

3D printed sugar sculptures | The Sugar Lab by architects Kyle and Liz von Hasseln

It has been a few years since the Evil Mad Scientist CandyFab kit, and the time has been pretty good on the sugar printing front. Check out these beautiful pieces from the sugar lab in Los Angeles.

Engineer 3D Prints Functional Hand Tools Including 110-Piece Tape Measure

Engineer 3D Prints Tape Measure with PolyJet Technology

Printed Tape Measure is a Stunning Tech Demonstrator

black lace cuff. I could make this myself, and it would look awesome with the dress I want. :)

Lace Bracelet - Chloe Cuff in Black - Bridesmaid Jewelry on Etsy,

Light Rider, a primeira mota criada por uma impressora 3D

Printed Electric Motorcycle from APWorks Looks Fragile, but It’s Deceptively Strong

Starfish lamp by purligar on Shapeways

Starfish lamp

Shop for For Your Home in the Shapeways printing marketplace. Find Accessories, Dining, Lighting, Other and much more.

Turn normal glasses and jars into a lacy vase. by Milk Design

Milk Design Shop — Lace Vase “ A soft vase to reuse plastic bottles and glass containers in a new way. The neck shape can fit variable sized containers.

Wood printing--3ders.org - 3D Print Show in London highlights: desktop 3D printers (video) | 3D Printer News  3D Printing News

Print Show in London highlights: desktop printers (video)

This versatile bowl would work just as well in the kitchen as it would as a decorative accent in the living rom. $106, themfamily.fr   - ELLEDecor.com

9 Pretty Housewares You Won't Believe Are 3D Printed

Dark Side collection of printed vessels by Michaël Malapert - inspired by Japanese Origami

Drawn - Impression 3D grand format - Mobilier et objets déco imprimés

Drawn, an exclusive line of printed objects and furniture. Large scale printing of custom-made and unique products.

Tracy Brown is the owner of Go Fast Products, and he's been into slot car racing since he was 15 years old.  Slot car racing is the competitive hobby of racin

Go Fast Products Uses Printing to Build High-Tech Slot Car Chassis Maybe something for Printer Chat?