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Cute photos shows baby sleeping with French Bulldog puppies, melt your heart These are the cutest photos of a baby and puppies ever!

okay this is just too much for me it literally gave me chills sooooooo cute!!!!!!!! Baby + Puppy=happy baby and puppy

okay this is just too much for me it literally gave me chills sooooooo cute! Baby + Puppy=happy baby and puppy


Cute Adorable Kids

i'm a sucker for 2 things: big hats and babies. Big hats for Easter brunch?

reason I want a dog before a baby.

Mastiff + baby Awww I love big dogs. I want baby to grow up with a dog.

OMG now I really want to get Roman a penguin costume next month.

Flying Penguin - Halloween Costume Contest at Costume-Works.com

Penguins and babies are cute, but combining the two could just be too much. This baby penguin costume looks just right to us!

I had no idea how important tummy time was until I had a baby of my own.

The Importance of Tummy Time


10 creative birth announcement photo ideas you'll love

So many amazing and beautiful cute baby photo ideas you can try with your lovely little one. Especially the sleeping twin babies heart prop.

Baby crocheted mermaid. Why did my grandmother or mother never make this for me when I had a daughter?!

Adorable knit crochet mermaid costume for a baby girl.I'm gonna have to remember this as a Halloween costume when i have kids. So cute!