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Cockroaches made out of dates, chocolate and licorice

Cockroaches made out of dates, chocolate and licorice

Make candy "stones" from an easy shortcut fudge based on a blend of chocolate and marshmallows.

Graveyard Gravel Candy Rocks Chocolate Rocks chocolate pieces + condensed milk + butter + vanilla + marshmallows + cocoa powder + powdered sugar = truffle like fudge to be chilled 2 hrs then hand rolled into pieces.

Orange drink w/ black sugar garnish-could double as away game OSU drink!

Halloween Drink: orange juice spritzer with a touch of grenadine to give it a nice red color and then add a couple extra touches with the black sanding sugar and black Twizzler

*HALLOWEEN POPCORN ("Candied" Corn)* 8c popped popcorn, 1 standard bag candy corn, 16 oz. white chocolate/almond bark, Halloween sprinkles, wax paper. *Place popcorn and candy corn in a large bowl. Melt white chocolate in microwave (30 second increments). Pour White chocolate onto popcorn mixture and stir to coat. Pour mixture onto wax paper and spread into a thin layer. Sprinkle generously with Halloween (nonpareil) sprinkles and allow to cool 30 minutes. Break into pieces and serve or…

Halloween Popcorn - two bags of popped popcorn & a bag of candy corn in a bowl, drizzle 1 pkg oz) of white almond bark over popcorn & candy corn, then spread out on to wax paper. Sprinkle with Halloween sprinkles & let cool minutes. Break it up & enjoy!

Pretzel Patch: If you have pumpkin lovers in your family, they’ll eat up these cute pretzel treats. Again, no recipe, but I think you'd need orange chocolate melts, green piping icing, and could use hershey-chocolate-bar 'pips'/pieces for the stems.

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Creative Party Ideas by Cheryl: Chocolate Covered Pretzel Pumpkins (you could also cover the pretzels in white chocolate dyed with food coloring)

Owl snacks  Ingredients    FOR EACH OWL YOU WILL NEED  1	cris-cross pretzel  2	mini oreos  white chocolate for dipping  1	piece black licorice, cut  2	chocolate chips  1	black jelly bean  6	black sprinkles  black sprinkling crystals  white icing for eyes and to attach things

Owl Snacks

Easy Halloween Treats Kids Can Make : Haunted Hooting Owl Pretzels - Whoo-oo dare eat this menacing owl? Though they look especially spooky, these chocolate-dipped pretzels are a hoot to make, with oreo eyes and hershey kisses.