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Recreating the beautiful ever blending colors of fall with watercolor is a great beginner's exercise.

Easy Autumn Tree Watercolor Painting

This beginner-friendly watercolor tutorial will show you how to paint the silhouette of a black cat watching a harvest moon. A festive scene for Halloween!

(C) Myers Briggs Disney Personalities - familiar examples to provide a point of reference for what your "type" can mean.

The best Myer-Briggs Disney personality chart I've seen so far. ENFP-so true. ISTJ-also very very truel

This pin caught my interest because we have recently taken the Myer Briggs personality test in class. I liked this pin because it matches each of the 16 possibilities of personalities with Disney characters that are familiar to the general public. By using characters that people know, this pin explains each personality type in a clear way.

Which Disney Characters Have Your Myers-Briggs Personality?

Disney Myers-Briggs Personality Test Disney characters probably aren't the greatest example of personality types, but I thought it was cute :)


Everyone wants to be loved who doesn't? but before you can really love someone else you must first love yourself!The truth! you will never love someone else.if you do not love yourself.LOVE YOURSELF AS MUCH AS YOU WANT TO BE LOVED!

:))))) That's me im a gentleman ninja!

Robert Henry Vintage

I have a secret fear that one day my gentleman ninja will forget to open the door. ~I've had ninjas forget to open the door, or I'm just faster than a ninja.

Actions speak louder than words! quotes kushandwizdom positive life quotes teenage quotes teen quotes picture quotes kush and wizdom

This is so me!

You create the future you imagine. If it's problematic it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. Positive thinking only! I over think things way too much.

Emporer's New Groove - Every time Pandora asks if I'm still listening "Aw! You threw off my groove!"

Emporer's New Groove - Every time Pandora asks if I'm still listening "Aw! You threw off my groove!" (And xbox)

Need to remember this

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Put out what you'd want to come back

Keep putting out good. It will come back to you tenfold in unexpected ways. Not just tenfold but a hundredfold.