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Geiko & Maiko — Miyako Odori 2010: Senior Geiko Sonoe (Kineya...

okiya: Geiko Sonoe became a Natori Geiko, meaning that she mastered Inoue Kyoumai dance. In Gion Kobu is tradition to a natori take the name Inoue. She is now Sonoe Inoue (井上 その恵). Tea ceremony of Miyako Odori (by Onihide)

Love this photo

Japanese beauty - Miyagawa-cho Maiko : Toshimana-san Located : The special maiko performance on The Nijo Castle, Kyoto.

Baikasai 2017: first-year maiko Ichiaya with plum blossom kanzashi by  aki.rooty on Instagram

芸妓さんと舞妓さんのブログ (Baikasai first-year maiko Ichiaya with plum.

Oiran & Geisha | The geiko Masaki in a stunning waves kimono! Love...

Oiran & Geisha | The geiko Masaki in a stunning waves kimono! Love...

Japanese tea ceremony | KIMONOs and TEA | traditional dresses | TRAVEL | re-pinned by http://www.cupkes.com/

Umeyae wearing a cute and quite busy Hiki. I love the small flowers on the royal blue Background, the hints of orange on her Obi are a perfect match! This is actually one of very few Hikis i like from Kamishichiken.

【Geiko,October Geiko is Toshimana. Shooting location is Nijyojinya. Photo by Tigertakashi.

芸妓さんと舞妓さんのブログ (July 2017: (my favorite) maiko Toshimomo dancing...)

Tokai Ebisu 2010 with maiko Kosen and Sakiko (SOURCE) During the New Year period Kyoto citizens visit the Ebisu Shrine to meet with maiko and shrine maidens.