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Sjamanisme | Two Together

Sjamanisme | Two Together

Wolves - Spirit Guides

Shamanism is a prevalent global tradition, in which Shamans heal with the help of animal spirit guides. In America, most of us first hear about Shamans when studying Native American traditions.

Apache - (2004) Five Spirits [Full Album] Up For A Creative Arts Awards, 2014

"Apache - Five Spirits" [Full Album- 01 Five Spirits 02 White Buffalo 03 Love Moutain 04 Wuayrapa-Muspuynin 05 Ananao 06 Chief Wuite Bears 07 Wakan Tanka Vision 08 Tatanka 09 Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya 10 Sunkuyman 11 Pow-Pow Dancing 12 Ya-Na-Hana 13 Amanecer

indianen kleuters - Google zoeken

This poster of Indian symbols would be great to use with a Native American writing activity. Students could use the symbols to write a message. by caitlin

calumet pipe  from article on "The red road" - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Calumet pipes, often erroneously called “peace pipes,” are ceremonial tobacco pipes which were important in many Native American tribes.

Prayer arrows? hello hydrangea: Inspired by Free People - a possible lenten reflection activity for 2015

Inspired by Free People

DIY Colored Sticks - Ginette Lapalme has created beautiful DIY colored sticks by painting driftwood. This piece of art could be turned into a craft for kids that could .