In 1932, this backless swimsuit was considered risque for men to wear on Bondi Beach.

File:Young male surfers ("The Pier Club Mob") tease Alf "Bait" Gould about his backless swimsuit (a gift from his girlfriend), Bondi Beach, 10 October by Sam Hood

Vintage men's bathing suites

I know, in the middle of winter when you are not living in the southern hemisphere, why should we be talking about our vintage beach wear?

Chicago Lifegaurds, 1933, Chicago Tribune Archives. #lifeguard #Chicago

1bohemian: Chicago Lifeguards, 1933, Chicago...

Women's swimwear in the 1910's became less conservative compared to earlier decades. The legs were now able to be shown. Although, some women still wore leggings with their swimsuits in order to be more conservative.

History of swimsuits

Period swim and beach wear, ca. 1945-1950

Period swim and beach wear, ca. [[MORE]] “Shows groups of people in and modelling swim and beach wear from Victorian and Edwardian eras with one model in a contemporary

Four men in vintage swimwear, circa 1910

1910 Swimwear "Not for exhibition but I wanted you to see it" reads the inscription on this photo of mens' swimwear circa

Moda baño: No siempre fue igual... | Latido rosa

or no-sleeved thigh-length union suit. The rather shapeless garment could be a solid color or striped. At right are Eastern European men, circa

Swimsuits by Jean d'Ahetze (left and center) and Jane Régny (right), Photo by. George Hoyningen-Huene, April 1930

Models wearing swimsuits by Jean d'Ahetze (left and center) and Jane Régny (right), Photographer Baron George Hoyningen-Huene April 1930

Vintage Men's Bathing Suits

<b>Caption from LIFE.</b> Beach clown's ancient suit won first prize in men's novelty contest.

Men's Vintage Look with Accessories

5 Faultless Tips on How to Wear Vintage Men's Clothing

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