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A little dash of salt can give your project a whole new look. Create shapes, words, and more by following this Salt Resist Tie Dye Technique.

Salt Resist Tie Dye Technique

Use salt to create subtle, textured designs in tie-dye with this salt resist tie-dye technique. Find instructions with photos and a sample tie-dye result.

Green Cleaning | DIY Bleach This homemade bleach is non-toxic! It's perfect for removing stains, cleaning your tub and shower, and disinfecting countertops. And it smells amazing!

1 c hydrogen peroxide c white vinegar, 1 Tbsp lemon juice, c water (It's perfect for removing stains, cleaning your tub & shower, disinfecting countertops; smells amazing & it's non toxic.

Ichigo - bleach-anime. The soul society arc being one of the best, sadly too many fillers ruined the flow of the series; Agreed and I have Ichigo's bankai.

Ichigo Kurosaki (黒崎 一護, Kurosaki Ichigo) is a Human who has Shinigami powers. He is also a Substitute Shinigami. Ichigo is the son of Isshin and Masaki Kurosaki, and older brother of Karin and Yuzu.

BLEACH - Ichimaru Gin I hated him until I found out what he was fighting for than I didn't want him to die anymore

Type: Fan Art, Anime(s)/Show(s): Bleach, Character(s): Ichimaru Comment: The eyes always with the eyes